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Old Dolphins News - 1994
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Last Update:

Friday, Nov 11th:There were two surprises when the starting lineup was announced for the game against the Bears on Sunday. First of all, O.J McDuffie has been named as a starting wide receiver in place of Mark Ingram. And second, Dwight Hollier will start as the right outside linebacker in place of Aubrey Beavers.

The naming of McDuffie as the starter over Ingram is not an especially big surprise after his outstanding performance against the Colts last Sunday, but the replacement of Beavers with Hollier comes as a bigger surprise. The coaches had little to say about either move.

COMMENTS:Since Ingram has been having his bad attitude and McDuffie had such a great game last week, McDuffie's starting spot is not surprising. And, in fact, the two will rotate during the course of the game at the receiver spot.

Hollier comes as a much bigger surprise. It may be that the Dolphins' staff wants a more experienced body at the outside linebacker spot or there may be some other problems that have not been made public. Whatever the cause, I'm not sure that it's very bright to change a winning team's lineup at this point in the season.

Thursday, Nov 10th:According to ESPN last night, the Dolphins have resigned running back Aaron Craver to the team for the third time this year to help fill the gap left when Keith Byars was lost for the year. Byars was officially put on injured reserve yesterday.

Also signed was running back Robert Wilson, who was released by the Dallas Cowboys earlier in the year. Wilson was a third round draft pick of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1992. He had 42 carries for the Bucs in 92, for 179 yards, which is a 4.3 yard/carry average. He also had 20 receptions for 121 yards and 2 touchdowns.

He was released by the Bucs in September of 1992 and signed by the Packers as a free agent in February of 93. After that, I don't have any information on how he wound up with the Cowboys, but he apparently was with Dallas for most of the 1993 season, although he sat out the year with an injury.

He originally came out of Texas A&M and the official NFL stats book has him listed as 6'0" and 254 lbs.

Apparently to make room for Wilson, Mark Ceasar was cut from the regular team roster and resigned to the practice squad.

COMMENTS: Craver is the natural choice to back up Saxon, because he's available and he already knows the offense. Wilson is something of a mystery - if you look at his stats for the one year that he was at Tampa Bay, they look decent. However, no one has been interested in keeping him for any length of time.

Wednesday, Nov 9th: The Dolphins announced on Monday that Keith Byars would be out for the year after he injured his knee in the 22-21 victory over the Colts on Sunday. He has torn both the Anterior Cruciate Ligament and the Medial Collateral Ligament in his knee and has also damaged some cartilege. He will require major reconstructive knee surgery if he is to ever play again.

Bernie Parmalee also suffered a strained knee ligament in the game, but his recovery is estimated to take only 2 to 4 weeks. It looks as if Irving Spikes will get the start in his place.

Byars will be replaced in the lineup by James Saxon, but the Dolphins will probably sign a free agent to back up Saxon. Aaron Craver would seem to be the most likely candidate, but Jerrod Bunch (formerly of the Giants and Raiders) and Dexter McNabb (formerly of the Packers) have also been mentioned as possible roster additions.

COMMENTS: Byars' loss is the most severe that the Dolphins have had this year. I think that it ranks above the loss of Kirby and may have serious repercussions to the offensive scheme as a whole. I would expect little or no change in that actual play calling, but Saxon has come very big shoes to fill and he will have to play his very best football in order to substitute adequately for Byars.

Thursday, Oct 27th: On Wednesday, the Dolphins signed free agent offensive tackle David Ware to a contract for undisclosed terms. Ware was drafted in the fourth round last year by the New York Jets, but was inactive all last year.

He came out of the University of Virginia, where he was an accomplished blocker, not allowing a sack during his entire senior season. The Dolphins obviously picked him up to try and add some depth to their offensive line, now that Houston Hoover has been placed on IR for the year.

To make room for Ware, cornerback Calvin Jackson was released and signed to the practice squad.

Also in the news, Cleveland Gary has changed his number from 33 to 32. Apparently, Gary didn't want to be associated with "Slippery" Sammie Smith, who also wore #33.

COMMENTS: The illness to Hoover has put a serious dent in the depth of the Dolphins' offensive line. Right now, there are no backups to the starting offensive linemen who have more than two years' experience.

The change of numbers for Gary is interesting. He wants to shake the notion that he is a fumbler and if he was associated with Sammie Smith, that might be hard to do.

Tuesday, Oct 25th: At the end of last week, the Dolphins signed Center/Guard Kevin Brothen to replace guard Houston Hoover, who was placed on injured reserve. Brothen was a free agent that was with the Dolphins in training camp, but was released on waivers.

Hoover has been having problems with a kidney infection that apparently is not getting better fast enough.

COMMENTS: Overall, this should not make any difference in the Dolphins' season. Chris Gray has been filling in for the injured Bert Weidner very well and Weidner should be back this week, in any case.

Friday, Sept 30th The Dolphins signed former Browns cornerback Najee Mustafaa yesterday to a deal for undisclosed terms. Mustafaa is a 9 year veteran who has played with both the Vikings and Browns in his career. He is a steady, if unspectacular player who should give the Dolphins some badly needed help at the cornerback position.

To make room for Mustafaa, the Dolphins have released cornerback David Pool, who was signed only a week ago.

Also in the news, Mark Higgs has been given the nod to take the starting spot against the Bengals this Sunday. This is a little bit of a surprise, since Higgs was behind Parmalee on the depth chart, but Higgs has been the Dolphins' best runner of the past three years.

Comments: The Dolphins really need some help at the cornerback slot and Mustafaa is one of the better ones available. God knows, he couldn't be any worse than Darrell Malone.

Tuesday, Sept 27th The Dolphins placed Terry Kirby on injured reserve yesterday, after he tore ligaments in his knee during a 2-point conversion attempt against the Vikings. To fill out his roster spot, the Dolphins have resigned running back Aaron Craver.

Placing Kirby on IR means that he will be out for the year.

Thursday, Sept 22nd Cornerback David Pool has signed with the Dolphins for undisclosed terms. The 5th year player was drafted by the Chargers in the 6th round during the 1990 draft. Pool was relased by the Chargers after being placed on injured reserve and was picked up by Buffalo, who released him after the 1990 season. Pool then played 3 years with New England, where he had 2 interceptions in the 1992 season.

Pool, at 5'9" and 182 lbs, played at Carson Newman college. He was picked up by the Vikings and released during the preseason.

To make room for Pool, the Dolphins have released rookie linebacker Brant Boyer, the 6th round draft pick out of Arizona. The Dolphins reportedly will try to sign him to the practice squad.

COMMENTS: More help for the ailing Dolphins' secondary. Hopefully, the defensive line will be able to put enough pressure on Warren Moon to keep the secondary from having to make too many plays.

Thursday, Sep 15th: Yesterday, the Dolphins signed linebacker Jesse Solomon to a contract for undisclosed terms to help shore up their depleted linebacking corps.

Solomon, who was drafted in 1986 by the Minnesota Vikings, has played 8 NFL seasons, starting 42 games for Dallas and Atlanta in the last 3 years. He was part of the Herschel Walker deal with the Cowboys and has been on the roster of the Vikings, Cowboys, Patriots, Buccaneers and Falcons.

Solomon, at 6'0" and 230 lbs can play inside or outside and is need to provide insurance in case of injury to any more of the Dolphins' linebackers.

COMMENTS:It's still September and already the Dolphins' roster reads like a list of walking wounded. With Sanders deciding to go to the 49ers, the Dolphins' defense needs all the help it can get.

Wednesday, Aug 31st:The Dolphins signed Offensive Tackle Ethan Albright, CB Calvin Jackson, WR Demeris Johnson and Safey Pat Johnson to the practice squad.

Also, for those who haven't heard, Tyrone Braxton has been moved to Safety.

Monday, Aug 29th: Less that 2 weeks after he signed a new contract with the Dolphins, 5-time ProBowl linebacker John Offerdahl announced his retirement of Saturday, after the preseason game against the Vikings. That leaves Dwight Hollier as the starting middle linebacker for the Dolphins.

"It became apparent to me that physically I could not perform to the same level I'm accustomed to,'' said Offerdahl.

``My game is all the time to seek contact and I found myself in the game avoiding contact,'' Offerdahl said. ``I didn't want to go through the year persevering where I was just existing. When it came to me I felt very sad, but also relieved, at peace, it was my time.''

In an effort to get the team under the 53 player limit, the Dolphins released veterans Aaron Craver and Mark Dennis and rookies WR Demeris Johnson, TE Rob Coons, DE Jay Williams and DT George Rooks.

Craver was starting his 4th year with the Dolphins, and had been plagued with injuries throughout his career. Mark Dennis actually started one season with the Dolphins, alternating with Jeff Dellenbach at right tackle, until the signing of Ron Heller.

Also in Dolphins' News is the announcement that the Dolphins management have made an "official" offer to Deion Sanders. Sanders has said that he hopes to make a decision today, but realistically, there is no hurry, since he probably won't play for any team until the baseball strike is settled (one way or another).

COMMENTS: It will be sad to not have #56 slamming opposing offenses anymore, but this is probably the best thing for him and I wish him well in his future endeavors.

The Running Back derby has ended and the winners are Kirby, Byars, Higgs, Parmalee, Saxon and Spikes. Spikes and Parmalee beat out Craver with solid running and, in Spikes' case, outstanding special teams play. It probably didn't help Craver that he's been injured a lot in his career with the Dolphins.

Mark Dennis came as a little bit of a surprise, but it may be that with Tim Ruddy and Houston Hoover available to back up the starters, that Dennis became expendable.

Thursday, Aug 25th: Yesterday, the Dolphins signed free agent tight end Greg Baty to an undisclosed contract and released kicker Dirk Borgognone. Baty played with the Dolphins last season, but was an unrestricted free agent this year.

In other news, ESPN reported that Dan Marino is negotiating with the Dolphins to restructure his contract. The purpose of this "restructuring" is to free up enough money under the salary cap to make a decent proposal to Deion Sanders.

COMMENTS: I guess Greg Baty found out the hard way that life is tough under the salary cap. It's too bad he's missed most of the preseason, but he has no one but himself to blame. I'm a little surprised that they've released Borgognone, because I thought that the Dolphins might try out the 2-kicker system this year, but I guess that isn't going to happen.

As far as "Neon" Deion is concerned, it's becoming more and more clear that the Dolphins are making a very serious attempt to sign him. And with the 49ers signing of Toi Cook, it looks like the Dolphins might actually be the front runner in the Sanders' sweepstakes. I don't think that anyone else has a better shot at Sanders than the Dolphins, but it's impossible to tell at this point what Sanders, himself, is thinking.

Wednesday, August 24th The Dolphins released the following players on Monday, in order to get down to the 60 player limit mandated by the NFL:

#  Name            Position   Year

58 Ronnie Woolfork    LB       R
71 Ethan Albright     OT       R
64 Kevin Brothen      C        1
77 Tony Rowell        OG       1
76 Tommy Fagan        DE       R  
72 Mark Sturdivant    DE       R
48 Paul Francisco     TE       R
38 Calvin Jackson     CB       R
25 Pat Johnson        S        R 
27 Mike Middleton     S        1
18 Bryan Rowley       WR       R
 9 Jim Ballard        QB       R

COMMENTS: The biggest surprise on this list was Ronnie Woolfork, who will undoubtedly try to go to another team. It's kind of a shame that he didn't work out, but he really has only himself to blame. I doubt that he'll want to remain around and stay on the practice squad, but that is one possibility.

The other surprise was the release of QB Jim Ballard. I thought that they'd keep him and release him next week and then sign him to the practice squad. They may still sign him to the practice squad, but in the meantime, some other team may very well snatch him up.

According to my (admittedly) very rough calculations, this only brings the roster down to 64. If anyone else has information about other waivers, please let me know.

Thursday, Aug 18th: The Miami Dolphins signed John Offerdahl to a one-year contract yesterday for a base salary of less than $200,000. However, incentives in the contract could bring the total to almost $2.5 million. The contract incentives are based on the amount of playing time Offerdahl gets.

The Dolphins also released rookie cornerback Robert Davis yesterday.

COMMENTS: I have very mixed feelings about this signing. We all know that a healthy John Offerdahl is a tremendous asset to the Dolphins defense. We also know that a healthy Offerdahl is a very rare thing and we seem to have acquired a good crop of linebackers this season. And, of course, there is the Deion Sanders sweepstakes. Could the money have been better used to go after Sanders?

The unanswered question is whether or not Olivadotti will actually put Offerdahl back into the starting spot right away. I would hope that he will play this weekend against the Bucs, so that we can find out how well he truly is and whether or not he's in playing shape. Olivadotti has said that the starting MLB spot is NOT automatically Offerdahl's and that he's going to have to earn his way back into the starting lineup.

But if Offerdahl is back and healthy, this could be a tremendous plus for the Dolphins this year.

Tuesday, Aug 16th: Yesterday, the Dolphins waived safety Johnny Dixon, wide receiver Todd Dixon and linebacker Shelton Quarles. This is probably the first in a series of waivers designed to get Miami down to the 60 player limit by next week.

COMMENTS: I have heard very little about any of these players during the preseason and I suspect that they were the easiest to get rid of. I believe that this takes the Dolphins roster down to about 75, which means that there will still be 15 players let go in the next week.

Right now it appears that the toughest decision on the team will be which running backs to keep. Parmalee, Spikes, and Craver have all been having good camps and Don Shula has said that he wants to keep 5 running backs - Kirby, Higgs, Byars and 2 others? Or will Higgy be waived? And what of James Saxon? There is speculation that he may keep 6, but even so, somebody will be leaving before the 60 player cutdown.

Friday, Aug 12th:: Ronnie Woolfork signed with the Dolphins on Wednesday for an estimated $705,000 over 3 years. Reportedly, he also gets $80,000 if he makes the team. Woolfork is the last of the Dolphins' draftees to sign a contract.

COMMENTS: Well, it's about time! Woolfork was hurting no one except himself by not signing and now he has a lot of time to make up. Apparently, he shopped himself to the Denver Broncos while claiming that he was prepared to sit out the season if he didn't get the kind of contract he wanted and they cured him of his illusions by offering him less than the Dolphins.

Wednesday, Aug 10th: Keith Byars signed a 2-year contract extension yesterday for undisclosed terms. According to the Boston Globe, he signed a deal for undisclosed terms that will keep him a Dolphin through 1996.

COMMENTS: Well, it's clear that the team management is hedging it's bets against future free agency problems. First, Richmond Webb and now Keith Byars.

As far as Byars is concerned, it's good to see that we won't have to worry about his contract for a few years. He is probably the toughest running back we have and was a ProBowl selection last year.

Sunday, Aug 7th:: The Dolphins released WR Reggie Brown yesterday. Brown was a first year man out of Mesa University.

COMMENTS: Brown was signed in the off-season to help the depth chart at the wide receiver position. I haven't heard anything about him during training camp, so I guess he was expendable.

At a guess, I would say that the 'Phins are trying to free up some money under the salary cap for John Offerdahl.

Thursday, Aug 4th:: The Dolphins signed WR Todd Dixon yesterday to a contract with undisclosed terms.

COMMENTS: I wasn't able to find any info about Todd Dixon in my sources, so I'm assuming that he's an unsigned rookie free agent. If anyone has ever heard of this guy, I'd like to know about him.

Tuesday, Aug 2nd: The Dolphins released quarterback Kelly Stouffer yesterday, after his rather disappointing performance on Saturday night. Stouffer was 4 of 11 for 26 yards during the game, with no TDs and no INTS. That translates into a quarterback rating of 42.2.

This move leaves the Dolphins with 4 quarterbacks: Marino, Kosar, Pederson and Jim Ballard.

COMMENTS: Stouffer's career as an NFL QB is probably over at this point. He came into the league as a Number 1 draft pick, but has never lived up to expectations. I mean, let's face it - if he couldn't look good running the Dolphins offense, he couldn't look good anywhere.

In contrast to Stouffer, Pederson looked very good on Saturday and seems a lock to be the Dolphins' third string QB this season. Jim Ballard (a rookie free agent out of Mt.Union), did not play against the Giants, but we may see him this Saturday against the Steelers. If Ballard does look good against the Steelers, he'll probably wind up on the practice squad this year.

Thursday, July 28th The Dolphins signed Wide Receiver Kevin Glenn on Tuesday and rookie linebacker Melvin Spralding walked out of camp on Wednesday, saying that he didn't think he was going to make the team.

COMMENTS: I couldn't find any references to Kevin Glenn in my sources, so I assume that he is a rookie free agent.

Melvin Spralding was also a rookie free agent, who apparently decided that he'd had enough of training camp. As Shula said, he may wonder in 10 years whether he had what it takes to play in the NFL.

Tuesday, July 26th: The Dolphins signed free agent offensive lineman Houston Hoover over the weekend and released perenial no-show Eddie Blake. Hoover is starting his 7th season in the NFL and has started every game for the past three years for the Cleveland Browns or the Atlanta Falcons.

Hoover ( 6'2", 300 lbs) was drafted by the Falcons in the 6th round of the 1988 draft from Jackson State University. He played in 15 games for the Falcons as a rookie, and was a starter for them every year until 1992, when he was acquired by the Cleveland Browns as a free agent. Last year, he started every game for the Browns as a guard.

Blake, on the other hand, has never started a game for the Dolphins and has spent most of his career injured. He showed up out of shape for training camp this year, failed the 300 yard shuttle run and missed a day and a half of practice after having fluid drained from his knee.

COMMENTS: Hello, Houston and bye-bye Eddie. I find it a little sad that Blake has turned out to be such a bust, but that happens from time to time, so it's just as well that he's leaving.

Hoover, on the other hand, could very well be the missing piece in the offensive line that we need. He's been a consistent starter for as long as he's been in the league, and if my sources are to be believed, he hasn't missed a game in his career. He can play guard or tackle and he's big and experienced. He'll certainly challenge Bert Weidner for the starting right guard spot and I bet we'll see him playing a lot in the preseason.

Friday, July 22nd It was announced yesterday that Don Shula has signed a 2 year contract extension with the Miami Dolphins for about $1.4 million per year. This contract extension allows the Don to decide for himself whether or not he wants to continue to coach the 'Phins or move to the front office. If he chooses not to coach after this season, the reports indicate that he will move to the front office and assume a role as the vice-president for football operations.

Also part of the deal is the possibility that Coach Shula may assume part ownership of the team sometime in the future.

Eddie Jones, the acting president of the team also signed a contract extension for 2 years.

On the player front, the Dolphins signed CB Calvin Jackson (or Calvin Jones, depending on which column in USA Today you read).

COMMENTS: As expected, Wayne Huizenga confirmed Don Shula as the coach of the Dolphins for as long as the Don wants to coach. This speaks volumes for the Huizenga's class as an owner and it also leaves Don Shula's future in Don Shula's hands, where it belongs.

However, don't forget that this doesn't necessarily eliminate the possibility that Jimmy Johnson will be the next coach of the Dolphins. If the Don decides to move to the front office at the end of this year, JJ is still the logical choice to be the next head coach. But at least it's up to the Don, now.

Wednesday, July 20th: Aubrey Beavers signed with the Dolphins yesterday, for a 3 year deal with undisclosed terms. This leaves Ronnie Woolfork as the only unsigned draftee.

COMMENTS: The rookie salary cap may have something to do with getting all of the draftee's into camp so early, but who cares? I think it's great that Beavers is in - he is rumored to be the probable starter at left outside linebacker. Apparently, he can rush the passer *and* cover.

That only leaves Ronnie Woolfork to sign - and, as someone else reported, he and the Dolphins are far apart on terms. But how difficult can it be? With a rookie salary cap, they must know exactly how much money can be spent on him. Let's hope they get him in camp soon.

Tuesday, July 19th: Yesterday was the first day of Dolphins' training camp and with it comes a lot of interesting news.

First of all, Richmond Webb has signed a contract extension for 3 years at an estimated $2.7 Million per year. This makes Webb one of the highest (if not *the* highest) paid offensive linemen in the game.

Also, rookies Tim Ruddy and Sean Hill have each signed contracts with the 'Phins for 3 years and 2 years, respectively. This leaves Aubrey Beavers and Ronnie Woolfork as the only unsigned draft picks.

And if that wasn't enough, veteran nose-tackle Chuck Klingbeil signed a one year deal for undisclosed terms, and cornerback Chuck Carswell also signed a one year deal. Carswell spent last season on the Dolphins practice squad.

Apparently, the only players not in camp yesterday were Dwight Hollier (who was excused for personal reasons), John Offerdahl, and Greg Baty. Offerdahl and Baty are unrestricted free agents, and not under contract.

Also showing up for the afternoon practice was Dan Marino, who worked out for an hour and a half. And while his left leg was in a knee-brace from his old knee injuries, his right leg (which was the one that had the achilles injury last October), didn't appear to have any extra support on it. About Marino's passing, Irving Fryar said "The velocity was there, but his timing was a little off".

COMMENTS: Richmond Webb deserves every penny that they pay him and then some. He certainly deserves to be the highest paid offensive lineman on the team. It was also good to see Ruddy and Hill get signed, so they can begin to practice. We'll see how good they are, but Ruddy in particular could challenge for a starting job if he's as good as Lou Holtz says he is. However, the only way to tell is to have him in camp.

I was also pleased to see Klingbeil get signed, because he's the one defensive lineman that always seems to be performing at least up to his potential. He's also especially good at plugging the middle of the field on running plays.

Marino is apparently still limping and practicing with pain, but he doesn't have a cast or a brace on that ankle, so I'll bet he'll be ok to start by September. But I would expect to see very little of him during the preseason.

Friday, July 15th: According to the Boston Globe this morning, Jarvis Williams has signed with the New York Giants. He was an unrestricted free agent this year and with the signing of Gene Atkins and Michael Stewart, became expendable.

COMMENTS: Well, I guess it was inevitable. Jarvis has not been especially productive for the last few years and was being replaced more and more in the lineup with backups and substitutions. I guess the Dolphins think that they have enough safeties and/or couldn't pay him what he wanted.

Williams played 6 seasons with the Dolphins and was a starter for most of that time. He became known over the years as a fine run defender, but he was never credited with many interceptions and last year was replaced in passing situations by Liffort Hobley, at least until Hobley got injured.

Thursday, July 14th: According to the Boston Globe this morning, the Dolphins have claimed Safety Pat Johnson off waivers from the Atlanta Falcons and have released linebacker Alex Mash.

COMMENTS: I haven't been able to find out anything about Johnson - he doesn't appear in last year's NFL yearbook, so I must assume that he was a rookie for the Falcons last year. Alex Mash was a rookie free agent from Georgia Southern who was 6'0" and 256 lbs. It's kind of a shame that he wasn't better - I mean, think of the fun we could've had with his name. A linebacker named "Mash".

Tuesday, July 12th: According to the Boston Globe this morning, the Dolphins have signed rookies William Gaines and Brant Boyer to contracts for undisclosed terms. With the previous signing of Tim Bowens, this leaves Aubrey Beavers, Ronnie Woolfork, Tim Ruddy and Sean Hill as unsigned rookies.

COMMENTS: With the start of training camp now only one week away, the Dolphin front office has gone into high gear in the bid to sign the remaining unsigned players. It remains to be seen if Gaines and Boyer will have a big impact on the team this season, although Gaines could certainly play on the defensive line and Boyer is apparently making some good impressions in Miami as a special teams player. I think you can expect both of them to play a lot during the preseason.

Thursday, June 30th: The major news services are reporting this morning that H. Wayne Huizenga completed his purchase of the Dolphins and Joe Robbie Stadium on Tuesday and that he plans to offer Don Shula a contract extension if the Don wants one. "If he says he wants one more year or two more years or four more years, that's the coach's decision. I think he's entitled to that," Huizenga said. Huizenga also said "He's a legend in his own time. He hasn't given me an indication as to what he wants to do, but as long as the competitive juices are flowing, he'll want to coach." Apparently Huizenga plans to meet with the Don on July 4th to discuss the matter.

Friday, June 3rd: The Boston Globe reported this morning that the Dolphins had signed their #1 Draft pick, Defensive Tackle Tim Bowens to a contract of $3.1 Million for 4 years with a $1.1 million signing bonus. This certainly is good news and means that Bowens will be in training camp for the full preseason. It also makes it that much easier to sign the rest of the draft picks.

Thursday, June 2nd: {courtesy of Tony Travaglini}: This morning's Orlando Sentinel reports that Marino, Kirby, and Vincent worked out with the Fins on Wednesday, and top draft pick Tim Bowens of Mississippi made a late-afternoon appearance at Miami's first day of precamp.

Marino took part in full drills for the first time since surgeries to repair the Achilles' tendon and to remove bone spurs from his right ankle. Vincent, recovering from reconstructive knee surgery, and Kirby, back from an operation on his right big toe, participated in light drills. Bowens, a DT, is negotiating a contract, but he agreed to a waiver that calls for Miami to pay him an undisclosed sum if he is hurt while working out without a deal. [6-2-94]

Wednesday, June 1st: The Dolphins announced yesterday that they have signed some old hands back on the team: RB Aaron Craver, OLs Mark Dennis and Bert Weidner, WR Scott Miller and CB Darrell Malone have resigned with the Dolphins. Dennis, Weidner, Craver and Malone were all unrestricted free agents, but decided to remain with the Dolphins. Miller was waived earlier in the year because of the salary cap, but was brought back (probably at a reduced salary, although I don't know for sure). [6-1-94]

Friday, May 27th: The Dolphins announced yesterday that they were waiving LB Ja'Karl Barnett, LB Leevary Covington, DE Jim Hopkins and FB Sean Richardson. This is right after the end of the minicamp and they are all undrafted rookies, so they must not have impressed the Don very much. [5-27-94]

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