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[12/26/16] -- Getting Ready for the Playoffs
This weekend marks the first time in 8 years that the Dolphins have been to the playoffs and the fans couldn't be happier. That's a far cry from the glory days when anything less than a Super Bowl win was a disappointing season. But times change and even though the Dolphins won 10 games this year with a rookie head coach, they aren't getting the respect they deserve. The pundits have them as an extreme long shot to beat the Steelers on Sunday, despite their 30-15 domination earlier in the year. But, as a href="/chris/">Phins.com Columnist Chris Shashaty tells us, the Dolphins certainly can beat the Steelers, especially if they fulfill the Five Keys for a Dolphins' Playoff Win.

[12/26/16] -- For the First Time in 8 Years...
the Miami Dolphins have made it to the NFL playoffs. For a year that has been noteworthy for all the bad things that have happened, the Dolphins, under first year head coach Adam Gase, have been a bright spot in a dark time. Following a miserable 1-4 start, the Dolphins found their footing and have won 9 of the last 10 games. The national media, for the most part, has not shared in the Dolphins' fans' enthusiasm, but that is fine with me. The more the sports world underestimates the team, the more likely they are to surprise people and continue their winning streak. This week, Phins.com Columnist Chris Shashaty gives us his take on the 2016 Dolphins with his latest column Dolphins Punch Postseason Ticket.

[12/09/16] -- The Rollar Coaster Continues..
This season has - so far - been probably the biggest rollar coaster season we've seen in a long time. The team started off 1-4 and only the Browns' incompetence kept it from being 0-5. However, the Dolphins then ran off a 6 game winning streak that hadn't been seen in Miami since the 80s. But that all came crashing to the ground hard when Miami laid a big egg in Baltimore. Now, of course, the question is whether or not the team will get back on the winning track or will continue its downhill slide. With that in mind, Phins.com Columnist Chris Shashaty gives us his take on what it will take for the Dolphins to rebound from the Ravens' defeat and get back on the winning track in his latest article Still in the Fight.

[11/07/16] -- So - tired of it?
This season started off in what has become a hallmark of Dolphins' play over the last 15 years or so. They came close to beating Seattle and New England, but they just couldn't quite get it done. They were one play away in both games, but the NFL doesn't give you any points for effort and in the long run, it doesn't matter if you lose by 1 point or 21. The standings are the same.

Then they barely squeaked by the Browns in a win that actually made me feel worse than the losses from the previous 2 weeks. They got hammered by the Bengals and Titans and with the Steelers coming to town, it looked as if the season was already over.

Then a miracle happened. The gods of football smiled on Miami and Miami's offensive line suddenly looked like they were channeling Wayne Moore, Larry Little, Jim Langer, Bob Kutchenberg, and Norm Evans. They opened holes big enough to drive a truck through and Jay Ajayi ran behind them as though he were the love child of Larry Czonka and Mercury Morris. It was a blast from the past - and I do mean blast - a return to the dominating running games of past championship teams. And guess what? The Dolphins began winning. And not just against anyone - they beat 2 division rivals over the last 2 games, which is something they haven't done for far too long.

It's difficult to know how to feel about this - are the Dolphins just teasing us again or is this the start of something real? Well, this week, Phins.com Columnist Chris Shashaty is going to give us his take on this resurrection with his article Coming Back.

[09/27/16] -- So tired of it...
I'm sure I don't have to tell you Dolphins' fans what I'm talking about when I say that I'm tired of watching the Dolphins play. I'm tired of the failed promises, the missed opportunities, the blown coverages, the bad coaching, the bad play, the endless mistakes, and - of course - I'm tired of losing. Really tired. While it is too soon to pass judgement on the team this year, it is getting more and more difficult to say that things will get any better this season. So with that in mind, Phins.com Columnist Chris Shashaty is going to tell us exactly where the Dolphins are with his latest column Growing Pains.

[09/15/16] -- Can we believe?
While the fact that the Dolphins almost beat the Seahawks in Seattle - one of the toughest places to win in the NFL - should be a sign of hope, most of the Dolphins' fans that I know just shook our collective heads and said "Well, here we go again". We've had too many years of disappointment and promises to get excited about "almost". Expressing that sentiment this week is Phins.com Columnist Chris Shashaty, who tells the team Want Us to Start Believing, Dolphins? Beat the Patriots.

[09/02/16] -- Up Next - The Real Season Begins
With the Preseaon now over, the real season starts in a little more than a week. From now on, every every play is important and every game counts. The Dolphins will start their final cuts shortly, and some players will be leaving an NFL training facility for the last time.

While some aspects of the Dolphins' Preseason were hopeful (offensive line play and the emergence of Kenny Stills come to mind), there were too many question marks - especially on defense - to give me too much optimism. As Phins.com Columnist Chris Shashaty puts it, at Phins.com, we have some High Hopes but Low Expectations.

Shameless Plug: The best place to get the most recent Dolphins’ news is on the Phins.com News Wire. Check in there regularly for near real-time updates from only the most relevant sources.

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