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  • Game Recap: Dolphins Lose to Bucs, 31-28

    The Dolphins finally showed some spark on offense tonight, but lost their first pre-season game of the year 31-28 to the Buccaneers in the Miami. Trent Green had a mixed night, getting a short pass intercepted for a touchdown, but engineered an 18 play, 68 yard touchdown drive on the Dolphins' next possession. John Beck threw for 2 touchdowns in the second half, but couldn't pull off another last minute comeback at the end of the game. Ted Ginn, Jr and Lorenzo Booker both contributed to the offense in this game, with Ginn catching 3 passes for 29 yards and Booker hauling in 6 passes for 41 years. Overall, it was the coming out party for the offense that the team has been hoping for and even though the Dolphins lost the game, they finally showed the kind of offense that fans have been hoping Cam Cameron would bring to the team.
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