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If you don't keep up with the times, people stop visiting your website. With that in mind, I've created a new version of the news wire with some enhancements that I hope you'll find useful. The changes are as follows:

  1. Categorized Sources: Each source of information will now be in one of five categories: News, News Blogs, Fan Blogs, Podcasts and Videos. You can tell which each one is by the icon next to the title. This is used to allow you to select which types of news you want to view. To change which categories you want to see, check or uncheck the boxes at the top of the page, between the two horizontal lines. The categories are roughly divided according to the following criteria:
    1. News: Sources that convey only the news.
    2. News Blogs: Blogs written by news writers with major news organizations. This is often a good source of information that is "unofficial".
    3. Fan Blogs: Blogs written by folks who are not what we normally think of as news writers. These blogs are not necessarily written just by fans, but these writers are not with major news organizations. While these blogs will vary considerably in quality, they often contain information that major News Blogs either can't or won't tell you.
    4. Podcasts: Audio podcasts from any source.
    5. Videos: Videos about the team from major news sources.
  2. Saving Categories for future viewing: If you prefer to only view certain categories, you can select those categories at the top of the page by using the checkboxes. By default, you will see all the categories, but if you change your selection by unselecting some of the checkboxes, you can then save those selections by clicking on the "Save Settings" button at the top. The next time you visit the page, it will show only those categories you have saved in your settings. You can check or uncheck boxes at any time and it will change the display, but unless you save the news settings, you won't see the changes the next time you visit. Note: Changing the viewing of the categories requires that javascript be enabled on your browser and saving the settings writes a cookie to your computer. This cookie is used only to set the display and does not do any tracking or record any information other than what the display settings are.
  3. Changed Time References: I have changed the way the time is displayed for each article. Rather than display the actual time it is loaded in the database, I now use the more conventional format of time elapsed since the article was referenced. This eliminates the problem of having to compute relative times to your timezone.
  4. Assorted News Database Changes: There are a variety of programming and database changes that will allow me to have more news feeds and fewer duplicate articles.

As to things that aren't available yet - I don't have an RSS feed to go along with the New News Wire, as I haven't decided how to handle that yet. Your comments, of course, are welcome.

Use this form to send your comments about the new News Wire to us. We will respond to you as soon as we can.  
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