Until 2004, Phins.com had been pretty much a one person operation. But times change and while it has been difficult to finally reach this decision, I have decided that Phins.com will be better if I let others help me. By contributing their time, effort and ideas, the folks below are helping to make Phins.com a better website for all fans of the Miami Dolphins.

Chris Shashaty Chris Shashaty is a reporter and columnist who covered the NFL for sportsTalk.com (now ESPN Insider) from 1999-2001, delivering critical commentary, game day coverage, and interviews with NFL players, coaches, and team management. Chris has also been a regular contributor on various radio sports talk shows in markets across the US. Covering the Miami Dolphins, Chris has had the opportunity to interview players, coaches, team management, and alumni. He has followed the team at a meaningful level for 35 years.

James Benson is a Dolphins fan who once ran his own website, but has moved on to other responsibilities. One of the things he did on his website was to create a tribute to the 1972 Perfect Season that I enjoyed enormously. James has since moved his 1972 Perfect Season tribute to Phins.com and I feel honored to have it here. James will be doing more work for Phins.com in the future.

And, of course, there's me - Curt Fennell - Director and owner of Phins.com. I have been doing this for 10 years now and passed worn out about 2 years ago. I thank Chris and James for adding their talents and enthusiasm to Phins.com and am sure they will only make it better.