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  1972 Miami Dolphins Roster
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1972 Miami Dolphins Roster

By Number, By Name, By Position

Numerical Roster
1Yepremian, GaroK
7Lothridge, BillyP
11Del Gaizo, JimQB
12Griese, BobQB
13Scott, JakeS
15Morrall, EarlQB
20Seiple, LarryP-TE
21Kiick, JimRB
22Morris, MercuryRB
23Leigh, CharlesRB
25Foley, TimCB
26Mumphord, LloydCB
28Jenkins, EdRB
32Ginn, HubertRB
39Csonka, LarryRB
40Anderson, DickS
42Warfield, PaulWR
43Howell, MikeS
45Johnson, CurtisCB
48Stuckey, HenryCB
49Babb, CharlesS
51Ball, LarryLB
53Matheson, BobLB
54Kindig, HowardC-T
56Powell, JesseLB
57Kolen, MikeLB
59Swift, DougLB
60Jenkins, AlG-T
62Langer, JimC
65Moore, MaultyDT
66Little, LarryG
67Kuechenberg, BobG
68Kadish, MikeDT
70Riley, JimDE
72Heinz, BobDT
73Evans, NormT
75Fernandez, MannyDT
77Crusan, DougT
78Dunaway, JimDT
79Moore, WayneT
80Fleming, MarvTE
81Twilley, HowardWR
82Stowe, OttoWR
83Den Herder, VernDE
84Stanfill, BillDE
85Buonticonti, NickLB
86Briscoe, MarlinWR
88Mandich, JimTE
89Noonan, KarlWR
Alphabetical Roster
Anderson, Dick40S
Babb, Charles49S
Ball, Larry51LB
Briscoe, Marlin86WR
Buonticonti, Nick85LB
Crusan, Doug77T
Csonka, Larry39RB
Del Gaizo, Jim11QB
Den Herder, Vern83DE
Dunaway, Jim78DT
Evans, Norm73T
Fernandez, Manny75DT
Fleming, Marv80TE
Foley, Tim25CB
Ginn, Hubert32RB
Griese, Bob12QB
Heinz, Bob72DT
Howell, Mike43S
Jenkins, Al60G-T
Jenkins, Ed28RB
Johnson, Curtis45CB
Kadish, Mike68DT
Kiick, Jim21RB
Kindig, Howard54C-T
Kolen, Mike57LB
Kuechenberg, Bob67G
Langer, Jim62C
Leigh, Charles23RB
Little, Larry66G
Lothridge, Billy7P
Mandich, Jim88TE
Matheson, Bob53LB
Morrall, Earl15QB
Moore, Maulty65DT
Moore, Wayne79T
Morris, Mercury22RB
Mumphord, Lloyd26CB
Noonan, Karl89WR
Powell, Jesse56LB
Riley, Jim70DE
Scott, Jake13S
Stanfill, Bill84DE
Stowe, Otto82WR
Stuckey, Henry48CB
Swift, Doug59LB
Twilley, Howard81WR
Warfield, Paul42WR
Yepremian, Garo1K
Position Roster
QBGriese, Bob12
QBMorrall, Earl15
QBDel Gaizo, Jim11
RBCsonka, Larry39
RBMorris, Mercury22
RBKiick, Jim21
RBLeigh, Charles23
RBJenkins, Ed28
RBGinn, Hubert32
WRWarfield, Paul42
WRTwilley, Howard81
WRBriscoe, Marlin86
WRStowe, Otto82
WRNoonan, Karl89
TEMandich, Jim88
TEFleming, Marv80
CLanger, Jim62
GLittle, Larry66
GKuechenberg, Bob67
TEvans, Norm73
TMoore, Wayne79
TCrusan, Doug77
C-TKindig, Howard54
G-TJenkins, Al60
DEDen Herder, Vern83
DEStanfill, Bill84
DERiley, Jim70
DTHeinz, Bob72
DTFernandez, Manny75
DTDunaway, Jim78
DTMoore, Maulty65
DTKadish, Mike68
LBBuonticonti, Nick85
LBMatheson, Bob53
LBBall, Larry51
LBSwift, Doug59
LBPowell, Jesse56
LBKolen, Mike57
CBFoley, Tim25
CBMumphord, Lloyd26
CBJohnson, Curtis45
CBStuckey, Henry48
SScott, Jake13
SAnderson, Dick40
SHowell, Mike43
SBabb, Charles49
1Yepremian, GaroK
20Seiple, LarryP-TE
7Lothridge, BillyP

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